Thanks for popping by…

If someone recommended you, who was it? must mean I owe them a drink!!

If your just strolling’ by then welcome… inside my little photographic world..

I live in a little town called Zilzie on the Central Queensland Coast with my gorgeous husband and my 3 equally genetically blessed children…

I love travelling, wine and a nice fire… not all in that order but if you’re offering I’ll take them all… THANKS!!

Between this mum thing, wife thing and cheer mum thing I get to share a whole other part of my life which is this…photography, and I get to do it with some damn amazing people in some incredibly unbelievable places, Yes I will travel just bout anywhere!! I’ve been shooting my photojournalistic style for over 10 years and I have lived and loved every single moment…

It’s incredibly important to me that I capture exactly what I see and do that without any intrusion so everything unfolds as it should, naturally… Having my couples to feel as if I’m part of the day and barely noticing where I am and what I am doing is all part of my mischievious plan.. I want you to be involved in exactly what you are there for, each other.

On this here website you’ll find a ton of inspiration, beautification and probably too much sarcasm (It doesn’t rhyme but I’m just gonna go ahead and throw that in anyway) Weddings, Families and Portraits are mostly where you’ll find me but sometimes for a little creative release I even shoot some styled work with other creative brains that I love.

Hit me up and let’s get shooting..

xx Dani